Image Episode title Episode number Original airdate
S02E01 Demon Fish 1 28 March 2010
Jeremy journeys up the infamous Congo river in Central Africa in search of the notorious Goliath Tigerfish - a terrifying beast that preys on the unsuspecting. This creature combines the strength, speed and ferocity of all the river monsters Jeremy has ever encountered, creating the most horrific yet perfect freshwater killing machine anywhere in the world. With some of the biggest teeth of any freshwater fish, its ferociousness is the stuff of nightmares. It is going to take all of his skills and some supernatural help from a local witch doctor to catch one.
S02E02 Death Ray 2 25 April 2010
Jeremy heads to the Mekong River in Thailand in search of one of the world's largest and most terrifying river fish - the Giant Freshwater Stingray. Armed with a venomous 18-inch barb on the end of its whip-like tail, this mysterious 1,300-pound predator tests Jeremy to his physical limit, snapping his marlin-class rod, ripping his bicep, and luring him into a confrontation with the border police. In this epic quest, Jeremy witnesses a remarkable event in the life of one of these river monsters and sheds some light on the natural history of this elusive beast.
S02E03 Killer Snakehead 3 2 May 2010
Jeremy is in for another nerve-testing encounter of the scaly kind as he goes in search of a Far Eastern predator that is now invading America's backyards. Accused of homicide and said to breathe air and crawl on land, the Snakehead sounds more like a horror movie monster than a fish. But does it deserve its murderous reputation? Is it really capable of killing a human? And what lies in wait for Jeremy when he ditches his rod and swims into the lair of the beast?
S02E04 Congo Killer 4 9 May 2010
Jeremy travels to the heart of Africa and journeys up one of the few rivers left on Earth that truly tests the will of even the most seasoned fisherman. This is the Congo, a river shrouded in mystery, steeped in legends and soaked in violence. There is one spirit in particular, called Mami Wata, that is said to lure fishermen from their boats and send them plunging to the bottom of the river where they are imprisoned for all eternity. Far-fetched? Maybe not. Jeremy discovers that the truth is every bit as frightening as the myth.
S02E05 Alaskan Horror 5 16 May 2010
Deep in the forbidding Alaskan wilderness is an area swathed in mystery. There are two bottomless lakes where people have been vanishing without a trace for thousands of years. The extreme angler searches for the lethal lake monster of native legend that is dragging locals down to an icy grave. Sub-arctic fishing is a first for Jeremy and ends up with him landing the largest fish he has ever caught... but is it the monster?
S02E06 Rift Valley Killers 6 23 May 2010
Jeremy is on a quest to Africa's Rift Valley, the cradle of mankind, to explore the roots of fishing and the monsters these first fishermen would have faced. Fishermen here have one of the most dangerous jobs in existence. Storms come out of nowhere, giant crocs attack from beneath, hippos maul humans to death, and rival fishing gangs will kill you for your catch. But at the heart of this valley lurks a fish that can measure over 8-feet long and weigh over 500 pounds - the Nile Perch.
S02E07 Hidden Predator 7 30 May 2010
The Bull Shark is the most aggressive and unpredictable of all the sharks, thought to be responsible for more attacks on people than any other. Last year, the biggest Bull Shark ever recorded was caught in South Africa - in a river. Was this monstrous freshwater catch a horrifying fluke or are there more shark giants prowling this river? Jeremy heads to South Africa to see if he can land a monster freshwater shark of his own. See if last year's catch was a one off or if there are more monsters out there, and discover if the presence of this known man-eater is a human tragedy just waiting to happen.
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