"Jeremy is on a quest to Africa's Rift Valley, the cradle of mankind, to explore the roots of fishing and the monsters these first fishermen would have faced. Fishermen here have one of the most dangerous jobs in existence. Storms come out of nowhere, giant crocs attack from beneath, hippos maul humans to death, and rival fishing gangs will kill you for your catch. But at the heart of this valley lurks a fish that can measure over 8-feet long and weigh over 500 pounds - the Nile Perch."

Synopsis Edit

In the heart of Africa's Rift Valley, lives the Nile perch, Africa's largest freshwater bony fish. Growing to more than 6 feet long (according to some fishermen's photographs), this fish is considered a prize and is what many people brave countless perils to catch.

Jeremy travels to the birthplace of humanity and the oldest and most dangerous fishing spot he ever visited to find this legendary creature. He faces off against deadly crocodiles, even deadlier hippos, and killer gangs to find the perch, and is amazed at the daily dangers people face every day in order to catch this fish. He then takes on these perils, even risks his life in order to land a monster perch.

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