Killer Catfish is the second episode of the first season, as well as being the second episode of the series in general.This episode originally aired on 12 April 2009 while the unhooked version aired on 23 May 2010.

Summary Edit

"Two years ago, on the treacherous Kali River, high in the mountains of Northern India, Jeremy Wade unearthed the mother of all fishermen's tales and the ultimate freshwater horror: a super-sized freshwater fish turned man-eater. Jeremy takes on the biggest, toughest challenge he's ever faced as he heads back to Himalayas to separate fact from fiction and track down the monstrous beast."


Jeremy arrives at the Kali River in India, where a number of mysterious drownings have occurred. He investigates the possibilities of the culprit being whirlpools or crocodiles, but determines neither fit. Wade eventually finds out of a little-known catfish species that can grow to human size or bigger, the goonch catfish, also known as the giant devil catfish.

He reasons that, since funeral pyres are done at the shore of the river, the fish fed off the burnt human remains. This would allow them to reach man-eating size, as well as giving them a taste of people. Jeremy then must face off against a large goonch, which may prove there are monsters of these species ready to eat people.

When going after this fish Jeremy spends weeks trying to catch it, but the time eventually came when he had to take a risk and catch this elusive fish.

Appearances Edit

Creatures Edit

  • Crocodiles
    • Gharial
    • Mugger Crocodile
  • Goonch Catfish
  • Golden Masheer (Minor Appearance)
  • Turtles (Minor Appearances)
    • Indian Narrow-Headed Softshell Turtle
    • Indian Flapshell Turtle
  • South A. River Dolphin (Minor Appearance)


  • Indian
    • Kali River
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