Amazon Assassins is the fifth episode of the first season, as well as being the fifth episode of the series in general.

This episode originally aired on 3 May 2009 while the unhooked version aired on 28 April 2010.

Summary Edit

"In the darkest depths of the Amazon lurks a dinosaur. Legends tell of an evil spirit inhabiting an enormous fish. Taller than a man, it is covered in scales and crushes its prey with a tongue made of bone. Jeremy Wade has encountered this creature once before and he came out second best. He's taking no chances in the rematch."

Synopsis Edit

The Amazon has a huge amount of river monsters. Anacondas, caimans, piranhas and jaguars all call this place home. Years ago, Jeremy Wade traveled here looking for the arapaima, a 10-foot long fish that has been known to ram predators with the force of a car crash. The trip resulted in Jeremy feeling the full force of one of these blows as one arapaima's tail hit his chest.

Now Jeremy has returned to Brazil to once again face off against this fish and determine if the arapaima deserves to be on the Amazon's already large list of monsters. Journeying to the few spots where fishing for these fish is allowed, he encounters an arapaima farm where the fish do something surprising.

Jeremy then hears stories of the Amazon's other killers, the caiman. He searches for these, as well as a mysterious legend with its roots buried deep in folklore. Then, after finding the perfect spot, he finally comes face to face with the legendary giant, whose body could become a living missile.

Appearances Edit

Creatures Edit

  • Arapaima
  • Black Pacu (Minor Appearance)
  • Caimans
    • Black Caiman
    • Spectacled Caiman
  • Green Anaconda
  • Tiger Sorubim (Minor Appearance)
  • Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtle (Minor Appearance)

Location Edit

  • Brazil
    • Amazon River
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